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We help purpose-driven brands and organizations solve problems through strategy, design, and collaboration. If your mission is to do good, we can help you do it better. We believe in outcomes over deliverables, solutions over services, and people over profit.

Good Neighbor specializes in custom workshops and Design Sprint facilitation to help teams develop better products, services, and experiences. New to Design Sprints? Learn more about the process below.

Design Sprints 101

A Design Sprint is a structured, step-by-step process for solving big problems as a team quickly and effectively.

Created by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures, the Design Sprint process eliminates unproductive discussions and unimportant decisions. Instead, teams participate in hyper-focused exercises and activities that lead to a testable solution and real user feedback.

Our Design Sprint Process

Monday: Map & Sketch

The week kicks off on Monday with your sprint team (5-7 people) defining the challenge for the sprint and coming up with some possible solutions.

Tuesday: Decide & Storyboard

On Tuesday, you'll vote on solutions and decide on the most promising path forward. From there, your team will create a storyboard that will serve as a detailed guide for your prototype.

Wednesday: Prototype

Wednesday is all about building a functional, testable prototype. The prototype doesn't have to be perfect or polished, but just real enough to get genuine user feedback.

Thursday: Test

Thursday is dedicated to testing your prototype. We'll conduct in-person or remote tests with 5 real users to gather useful feedback and meaningful insights about what works - and what doesn't.

Not ready for a full Design Sprint? Good Neighbor also offers custom 1-day workshops. All workshops and Design Sprints can be run remotely as well.

Featured Project

Forest Green Rovers FC

We created a concept for Forest Green Rovers FC to revitalize excitement and provide a useful reference guide for their new stadium, Eco Park.

The concept included mockups of outdoor advertisements inviting fans to scan a QR code to launch an immersive AR experience simulating what match day would feel like at Eco Park.

Check out the prototype here

Try a Workshop On Us

Still unsure about the Design Sprint process? Want to know if a workshop or Design Sprint can help your organization with a unique challenge? Just lonely and want to be friends? Us too!

Tell us about a challenge your organization is currently facing, and we'll set up a free 15 minute micro-workshop to help you answer questions, prioritize problems, and ideate solutions.

This quick, virtual workshop will also give you a preview of what a full workshop or Design Sprint can help your team achieve.

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